Mike Nottage
As an adult I have always been keen to try something and move on. Never been out of work, but have tried some things and moved on once the challenge has faded. Jack of all trades and master of none some would say. Some truth in that I suppose.
Music kind of changed that for me. I started playing Saxophone in my late 30’s. Unlike most things I have tried, the challenge never goes away. It doesn’t matter how good you get, there is always more to learn. So this has meant I have not moved on from this interest. Only got more and more involved. I have played saxophone in bands at nightclubs and in front of Royalty with the Royal Navy Band. Whether at a wedding, in a pub or in front of HRH , there is a buzz that makes you feel the need to do more. I’m now lucky enough to be sitting in the first seat with RWindband It keeps getting better and better.
Fun Fun Fun. As far as I’m concerned that’s why I enjoy playing and learning music. For others it is academic and the aim is to have as many bits of paper saying how good they are. Others go for a mix of both. I’m sure all have their place. Horses for courses as they say.

As a woodwind repair man it is great fun to be able to have a play when completing a job.
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